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Our focus is to lift up a risen Jesus Christ to a dying world. The main calling of all the Associated Fellowships is for evangelism and spiritual awakening to both Christians and those outside Christ.

  • Our main goal as Christians is to introduce those who don’t know Him into a relationship that’s tangible and real, through the Holy Spirit.
  • We also want those who know Christ to experience a dynamic supernatural experience with Jesus through the work of the Holy Spirit.

We reach out using personal witness through the Media, Glory Prayer network, one to one conversations and of course, gathering at meetings.

In addition to our regular weekly meetings held in different parts of the UK, we have outreach meetings and Conventions in many parts of the UK where we both meet and seek a move of the Holy Spirit as well as have fellowship with each other. 

Current plans for special outreach meetings and conventions are shown in our News and Events tab.

Should you wish for us to come to your church, the Church Leadership will need to contact us - we normally host Outreach Meetings on a Saturday night. We travel as a team in order to bring the atmosphere for revival wherever we go, through the anointing which only the Holy Ghost can give us. Our ministry has been anointed with an overflowing measure of joy, praise and love. We seek to operate in the gifts and power of the Holy Ghost.

The Lord confirms His word with signs following.

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