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Welcome to the Glory Prayer Network

The Glory Prayer Network

Within this ministry is the Glory Prayer Network, a communication tool to allow believers to pray for needs and also to pray for revival. 

The aim of this Network is to encourage us to become like Anna in Luke 2 and seek the Lord continually with prayer, seeing the hand of God in people’s situation. We are believing for a fresh wave of the Holy Spirit in our land to bring many souls into the Kingdom before the return of Christ. Every believer has the opportunity to play their part in praying. 

The Bible clearly states that prayer is important. The early Church in Acts 6:4 gave themselves continually to prayer and we know prayer changes things; it is the key to any breakthrough to beat down all opposition, surmount obstacles and conquer any opposition against God's people. We believe prayer has as much power today as for the early Apostles.

The Lord says 'My House shall be called a house of prayer for all nations' (Isaiah 55:6).’ The Lord promises to make us joyful in the House of Prayer.

On the website front page, you have the invitation to submit a prayer request that is sent to people that will know we trust and know take the time to pray and agree with you concerning your need. We treat prayer requests with courtesy and reverence, acknowledging that God has entrusted us with this responsibility. Our key scripture is 'But when you pray, enter into your closet and when you have shut the door, pray to your Father in secret and your Father which sees you in secret shall reward you openly’ (Matthew 6:6). It is important to note that we do not keep any data or information from a prayer request  - it is merely an avenue of agreement for those who want it.

Pray for us

We gratefully appreciate those who pray for our meetings.

Please continue to pray that the love, joy and peace of the Holy Spirit will be poured out in our meetings. We want to lift Jesus up in all we say and do. Pray that God’s kingdom will be established on earth through us. Pray that we can experience revival in our own lives so we can bring revival to all whom we meet.

Pray that the leaders of our meetings will be sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit when we come together.

Pray that God will raise up a generation of people who will be sold out for Him in these days, reaping an end time harvest.

Pray that those righteous people who know God who are in positions of authority in our country will be ‘as bold as a lion’.

Pray for those who experience persecution for standing on God’s promises.

We recognise that we are living in the last days and therefore, we ‘pray for the peace of Jerusalem.’ (Psalm 122)

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