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Who are the Glory People?

The Glory People are dotted all over Great Britain and beyond. We have contacts who have been blessed by this ministry who regularly meet together at Glory Conventions. To keep updated, look at the calendar and find us on Facebook. 

Most of our music in our meetings is based around the spiritual inspiration of Roy Turner, who wrote many of the chorus’s we still sing today. We believe that the simple reality expressed by these choruses allows people to respond and worship God freely. The choruses that we sing were often born spontaneously in meetings gone by. Having said this, we also include hymns and worship Songs (both old and new) that take us into the presence of God. We have a faithful music team who are able to flow in a way that we believe manifests the Glory in our meetings.

Most of our meetings take on a format of someone who ‘leads’ the meeting. However, part of that leading is to ensure that we listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. The majority of our meetings include testimonies from those amongst us who tell us what God is doing in their lives. Testimonies from people in the room bring such a blessing as they are current and up to date workings of the Holy Spirit. People are invited and encouraged to testify about the goodness of God freely. 

For this reason, we aim for our meetings to be Holy Spirit led - and allow Him to lead. The meetings often consist of a time for ministry and receiving from God through prayer. 

We believe that the media available to you will hopefully allow you to get a feel of what God is doing.

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