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Henri Staples

The Joy Leg and the Praise Cure are two messages that Henri gave in the Glory News Magazine. Henri was born into a family of Methodists lay preachers in 1907 near Newark Nottinghamshire, England. He was saved in the Methodist Church as a young man. He went to the Jeffrey’s brothers meetings in Mansfield in the 1920’s, saw many miracles, was greatly blessed and met Connie his wife. Became a manager for Curry’s Electrical in the 1930’s; business became his god. Started his own shops in 1939; Henri’s Radio and six others. Henri attended the Smith Wigglesworth Meetings in Preston in the 1930’s with his family and was filled with the Spirit but not completely set free. After much prayer and fasting by Connie his wife, God moved on Henri in 1948 in a "dead" Pentecostal prayer meeting while playing the final hymn on the piano. Henri was slain in the Spirit, fell off the piano stool, began holy rolling, speaking in tongues and was filled with joy. He couldn’t speak English for a week and was overwhelmed with love. God called them to pioneer for revival in the church and they started open-air meetings in Mansfield Market Place in the 1950’s and many were saved and healed and set free. Sold all his businesses and started to travel for God, as he said, "Blazing a trail for revival". God moved spontaneously in the singing, giving many new choruses with a mighty anointing. People began to dance in the meetings in the 1950’s and, because the churches had never seen it before, Henri was ostracised for being too free. The meetings grew through the 1960’s and many new groups were established: Newark, Peterhead, Norwich, Basildon, Wimbledon, Wimborne, The Isle of Wight, Lancaster etc. Henri’s influence reached through England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Holland, Scandinavia, France and the USA. The Glory Office in Newark was established in 1952 to distribute and produce the Glory News and Tapes. In 1978 the Glory Office was moved to Basildon where it continues today. Henri went to Glory in December 1992. We continue to move under the same anointing in the heritage that Henri established. To major in the Love, Joy, Deliverance, and Revival that we believe God has given us.

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