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Vision statement


Our Vision is to see God’s Glory manifested in the church.

When we talk of the Glory, it is the manifest presence of God in our lives. Our vision is to be more Christ-like in all we do. We pray that God’s radiance will be reflected in our thoughts, words and deeds. As we continue to share and declare God’s Glory, we believe those around us will be impacted. This includes sharing the love of God with everyone - our ministry is with both the church and those who need Jesus.

This ministry was founded on something fresh from God and those who come to our meetings continue to receive that fresh manna. Many travel hundreds of miles to attend our meetings and we know that it is not of ourselves but God radiating His Glory when we come together and let Him have His way in our lives. Our meetings are wonderful times in the Spirit but the fellowship that goes on in between those times is sweet. God has blessed us because there is unity amongst us. 

Our vision is to continue to be a voice of liberty; so that nothing comes between our communion with Him. Many in the past and present have believed our meetings to be quite frivolous - we disagree. We believe that the experience that we have when we come together with others who have a deep hunger for God is that our lives are changed forever. We are all impacted when we have spent time with Him and each other.

Moving into the future, we believe The Glory People will play an active role in an end time harvest. We will seek to be at the cutting edge of what God is doing amongst His people. We know that the experience we have had sets people free and breathes love, joy and peace into individuals. We acknowledge Him in our midst and He is the anchor that holds us, and the cloud by day and pillar of fire by night that leads this ministry from Glory to Glory.

Often at the end of our conventions, we all remind ourselves that this ministry has always been based on vision and we join with those who have gone on before us and sing the last verse from the hymn written by Ben Rhodes ‘My heart and voice I raise’


Hail Saviour, Prince of Peace!

Thy kingdom shall increase

Til all the world thy Glory see

And righteousness abound

As the great deep profound

And fill the Earth with purity.

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