Medleys of Songs from our 1998 Convention
for you to sing along to the words supplied

£9.00 each  (includes Post and Packing in the UK only)
For all other countries postage will be charged at cost

TRACK           TITLE              TIME

  1.  Tenderly I Can Hear You Calling Me 4:11
  2. There Is A River 2:24
  3. Let Thy River Flow Over My Soul 2:01
  4. Holy Spirit Fall Upon Us Now 2:47
  5. Fill My Cup 3:06
  6. He Is All I Need 1:47
  7. I Want Your Glory Lord 2:05
  8. Glory Glory Glory To The Lamb 2:07
  9. Heavens Lovelight 2:07
  10. I Love You 4:08
  11. Jesus Jesus There’s Something 3:51
  12. Jesus Name Above All Names 2:07
  13. No Other Name 2:20
  14. Lord I’m Hungry 2:05
  15. Oh What Sweet Communion 2:22
  16. Out Of The Fullness Of My Heart 2:39
  17. Within The Veil 2:30
  18. Quicken Me Lord 2:02
  19. Spirit Of The Living God 2:18
  20. When I Feel The Touch 2:45
  21. Oh There’s Nothing But The Blood 1:43
  22. Oh The Blood Of Jesus 1:23
  23. Then Sings My Soul 2:50
  24. Jesus You’re The Only One 2:44

    Words for Choruses on Walton on the Naze Worship CD

1. Tenderly I can hear Him calling me,

Come away beloved one,

Gentle voice how it makes my heart rejoice

I will arise and follow on,

There’s a crown awaiting in Glory,

When this life is ended and day is done,

Until then ‘til my Lord comes back again,

I will arise and follow on.


2. There Is a river .

That flows from God above.

There is a fountain

That’s filled with God’s great Love.

Come to the waters.

There is a vast supply,

There is a river, that never shall run dry.


3 Let Thy river flow over my soul,

Let Thy river flow over my soul,

Bringing love. joy and peace.

Bringing sweet release,

Let Thy river flow over my soul.


4. Holy spirit fall upon us NOW’!

We are open to receive your power,

So fill us, thrill us. let us see.

Your awesome reality,

Holy spirit fall upon us now.


5 Fill my cup Lord, I lift it up Lord,

Come and quench. this thirsting in my


Bread of heaven. feed me till I want no


Fill my cup, fill it up and make me



6 Like the sound of many waters,

Like the sunshine after rain.

Comes the precious love of Jesus,

Palling down in latter rain.


He is all / need, He is all / need,

Jesus is a// / need,

He is all / need, He is all / need,

Jesus is a// / need.


7. I want your Glory Lord,

More than anything else,

I want your Glory Lord more than life itself.

I want to feel your touch down in my soul,

Your Holy Spirit in control,

I hunger for. I want your Glory Lord.


8. Glory Glory Glory to the Lamb,

Glory Glory Glory to the Lamb.

Glory Glory Glory to the Lamb.

For You are Glorious and worthy to be


The Lamb upon the throne,

And unto You we lift our hearts in praise.

The Lamb upon the throne.


9. Heavens lovelight is beaming, it’s

filling my heart,

And the light as it’s streaming bids

shadows depart,

At the touch of it’s Glory my spirit is


The lovelight of Heaven is filling my soul.


10. I love you, I love you,

You know Lord Jesus I love you.

Words can’t explain,

What my heart contains,

This love, I have for you Lord


11. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,

There’s just something about that name.

Master, Saviour, Jesus,

Like the sunshine after rain,

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,

Let all heaven and earth proclaim,

King’s and Kingdoms shall all pass away.

But there’s something about that name.


12. Jesus, name above all names.

Beautiful Saviour, Glorious Lord,

Emmanuel, God is with us,

Blessed Redeemer, living word.


13. No other name like the name of


No other name like the name of Lord.

No other name like the name of Jesus.

Worthy of honour, worthy of Glory,

Worthy of power and of praise.


14 Lord I’m hungry for the mighty move

of God.

Lord, I’m thirsty, pour out Your Holy


Lord, I want to see the hand of God move

mightily inside of me,

I’m hungry for the move of God.


15. Oh what sweet communion,

Oh what blessed union,

I am His, and He is mine,

Nought this love can sever

It will last for ever, Jesus is a fiend of mine


16. Out of the fullness of my heart

Jesus I worship You.

Here in Your presence beyond the veil,

Jesus’ come to adore

And oh my heart cries "Jesus

My heart cries. "Jesus

Jesus I love You more and more

Out of the fullness of my heart,

Jesus I worship You.


17. Within the veil I now would come,

Into that Holy Place to look upon Your

face. I see such beauty there.

None other can compare i worship you

my Lord within the veil


18. Quicken me Lord by the touch of Thy love,

Quicken me Lord with new life from above,

Let Thy sweet presence now fill every part.

Come Lord and quicken my heart


19. Spirit of the living God, fall  Afresh on me, (rep.

Break me, melt me, mould me and fill me,

Spirit of the living God fall Afresh on me.


20. When I feel the touch of Your hand upon my life,

It causes me to sing a song that I love You Lord


21. There’s nothing but the blood

The precious blood

That ransomed me that set me free

There’s nothing but the blood of Calvary

There’s nothing but the blood of Jesus


22 . Oh the blood of Jesus,

Oh the blood of Jesus.

Oh the blood of Jesus,

It washes white as snow


23. Then sings my soul my Savour unto Thee,

How great Thou art, How great Thou art

Then sings my soul my Saviour .into Thee,

How great Thou art. How great Thou art.


24. Jesus you’re the only one Who’ll

always be the same,

Your love will last forever praise Your

lovely name, You give us mercy as you will.

And with your love divine,

I know you love me Jesus, And your mine, all mine