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Roy Turner and The Glory Singers CD 9

Roy Turner and The Glory Singers CD 9 "Everything is different for me now".

Number three of four Chorus filled CDs with many of the Glory Choruses given in time of revival. Over 40 Holy Ghost given songs on 4 Cds.

£9.00 each or £30 for the set (includes Post and Packing in the UK only)

For all other countries postage will charged at cost

Tracks and times are as follows

  1. There’s Never A Reason 3:13
  2. Everything Is Different 3:26
  3. He Spoke The Word 2:42
  4. Know Ye Not 2:11
  5. We’ve Got A New Song 2:33
  6. I’m Only A Branch Of Heavenly Vine 2:34
  7. Love Is Everywhere 4:09
  8. Love Is The Language Of The Spirit 3:09
  9. Man Was Made To Be His Music 4:32
  10. The Great Burden Bearer 2:47
  11. After The Storm 4:10
  12. Fall Down And Worship 1:55
  13. Give Him The Broken Pieces 2:54
  14. Lonely Lonely 3:57

Chourus Words Follow

  1. There's never a reason strong enough,

For not praising the Lord,

Whenever the going’s getting tough,

You’ve got to keep praising the Lord,

Praise Him you know that you should,

Everything’s working together for good,

Praise Him you can never afford,

To ever stop praising the Lord.


  1. Everything's different for me now,

Everything's going my way,

Gone is the night, now it is light,

And the love of God is in my heart to stay,

       Yes everything's working together,

Jesus has done it somehow,

 He's taken the strain, I'm telling you plain,

Everything's different now.


Everything’s changed, everything’s new,

It’s all rearranged, I’m telling you true,

Everything’s changed, nothing’s the same,

Since He came into my life,

Gone is the past, gone is the shame,

I’m free at last, I’m living again,

Gone is the past, the sorrow and pain,

Since He came into my life,


Wonderful peace filling my mind,

Happy release from fetters that bind,

Wonderful peace, He’s lighten my load,

Since He showed Heaven to me,

Riches divine, what a supply,

Treasures are mine, money can’t buy,

Riches divine, He has bestowed,

Since He showed Heaven to me,



  1. He spoke the word and He set me free,

Oh Glory to His Name,

He spoke the word and the victory

Is mine since Jesus came,

I'm in the victory, I'm in the victory, 

I'm in the victory, since Jesus came.


  1. Know ye not, know ye not,

Ye are the temples,

Know ye not, know ye not,

Ye are the temples,

Know ye not, know ye not,

Ye are the temples,

       Ye are the temples of the Holy Ghost,

Filled with praise, filled with power,

Filled with Glory,  

Filled with praise, filled with power,

Filled with Glory,

Filled with praise, filled with power,

Filled with Glory,                     

Ye are the temples of the Holy Ghost.




  1. We’ve got a new song for a new day,

We’re praising Jesus in a new way,

For His love is growing sweeter,

As the days go by,

            We’ve got a new song and we’ll bring it,

            We want to teach the world to sing it,

            It’s a new song, it’s a true song,

            It’s a song that will never die.


  1. I'm only a branch of the Heavenly Vine,

     I need Him,

      Living each moment in His love divine,

I need him,

Jesus upholds me when trials assail,

       Trusting in Him I will surely prevail,

       But for His grace I would certainly fail,

       That’s why I need Him.


  1.    Love is everywhere, I feel it all around me,

       Love is everywhere,

       It's mine since Jesus found me,

Love is everywhere in earth and Heaven above,

It's everywhere for God is there and God is love.

It's everywhere for God is there and God is love.


Gone is the darkness, and gone is the night since Jesus came into my heart,

He took the shadows and put them to flight,

When he made the gloom depart,

All the skies are blue again,

The sun is bright above,

Everything is new again because of his great love,


Now it is morning, the day has begun,

Since Jesus came into my soul,

He conquered sin and the victory was won,

When His spirit took control,

Now my heart can truly rest,

In peace from God above,

Everything is newly blessed because of

His great love,


  1. Love is the language of the spirit,

Love is the language we must learn,

When we are sharing and our hearts are caring,

Then will Jesus return,

Love is the Glory of creation,

Bringing the message back to earth,

Love is the giving of the art of living,

Kingdom of God on earth.


  1. Hidden in your heart there’s a melody,

Hidden deep within a song,

Jesus is the key to that melody,

Let him help you sing it all life long,


Man was made to be his music,

People to be his praise,

All living things sing a song of love,

Lifting their voices to God above,

Tune your heart to the melody,

Of creation as it rolls along,

             Man was made to be His music,

Man was made to be His music,

Man was made to be His music,

People to be His song,


Open up your heart to the symphony,

Everything around you sings,

Man must be the song of Calvary,

Worshiping the King of kings,


  1. Is the road weary and long,

Is your heart seeking a song,

Jesus has a shoulder that’s strong

He is the burden bearer,


The great burden bearer will carry your load,

Help you along life’s rugged road,

Trust in the saviour, He’s faithful and true,

He’ll bare the burden for you,


Is your mind troubled with fears,

Are your eyes misty with tears,

All will change when Jesus appears,

He is the burden bearer,


  1. After the storm is done,

There’ll be a rainbow shining,

After the clouds, there’ll be a silver lining,

After the night is through,

There’ll be a glorious dawning,

After the tears, there’ll be joy in the morning.


Only trust when it’s dark above and

the shadows fall,

Only look to the Lord of love,

He is over all,

His presence will surround you,

His helping hand is near,

His power is around you,

Bidding you not to fear


There is never a storm so strong,

That the winds won’t cease,

There is never a trial so long,

That won’t end in peace,

Remember the winter sadness,

Leads to the summer song,

Soon you will sing with gladness,

Trust for it won’t be long,


  1. Fall down and worship at His wounded feet,

Singing His praises earth and Heaven meet,

Give Him the glory risen Lord so sweet,

Jesus the Son of God,


  1. Give Him the broken pieces,

Give Him the twisted strands,

Put all your disappointments into His loving hands,

Christ is the master potter,

Maker and moulder of men,

He'll mend the pieces and untangle the threads,

He'll make you whole again.


  1. Lonely, lonely, sad and blue,

Not a friend to tell your troubles to,

Lonely, lonely, wandering one,

You’re so alone as the days go by,


Listen, I know a friend who cares,

Someone who every heart ache shares,

Someone who every burden bares,

Someone who’ll answer all your prayers,

Jesus, the friend who died for you,

Jesus, will help you live a new,

Jesus, will make your dreams come true,

And you’ll never be lonely again.


Lonely pilgrim in the night,

Not a friend to point you to the light,

Lonely stranger wandering there,

Down the road of darkness and despair,

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